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5 Clever Beach Tips You Need To Know


Many of us look forward to summer vacations to spend on the beach. Some of our earliest memories are of the family beach vacation. Times have changed and there are always new ways to make your life easier with clever tips. Here are some of our favorite beach tips to use on your next 30A vacation

Traveling with kids? Moms are always surprising us with great ways to simplify everything. One of the greatest things we’ve seen is taking an inflatable baby pool to the beach. These little things can improve your day in so many ways! Besides being small and light to transport, they also help with clean up at the end of the day. Fill up a baby pool so the kids can still play in the water but you can relax with the rest of the crew and not worry about the tide. Keeping it under an umbrella will protect your kids from getting a sunburn as well. Empty the pool for naptime and it becomes a bed! When it’s time to go rinse off the toys and supplies in the pool water and deflate it for the trip home. 

On the hottest days, sometimes even the water or shade can’t keep you cool enough. We love the portable fans you can just plug into your phone and get a nice breeze. They are especially helpful when you have a sleeping child on you or nearby. There are also fans available that are attached to squirt bottles so you get a misty breeze to cool down. These are lifesavers for any outdoor activities. Many local beach supply stores offer these or you can find them on Amazon.  

We know too much sun can damage our skin so be sure to reapply sunscreen throughout the day. Solar Recover Spray feels amazing on your skin and helps get some moisture back into it. The natural ingredients smell nice too with a refreshing mist you might get addicted to. Known as a “lotion in a spray bottle”, this is a great addition for your beach bag. This can be found onlineor even in town at For the Health of It and Zoo Gallery. 

It can be easy to fill up a cooler when you’re headed to the beach and you never know what to leave behind. We love the idea to freeze your water bottles as ice packs. Throw a few water bottles in the freezer and use them to keep the cooler supplies cold throughout the day. Take one out to melt in the sun and you have water to quench your thirst! 

Protect your valuables. Nothing can ruin a vacation like having your wallet or phone stolen. But you don’t want to have to sit on the beach worrying about everyone’s things while they play out in the water, either. There are plenty of ideas floating around online about disguising your important things in everyday packages like your ID and money in a Pringles can or in the diaper bag. Many beach chairs have a small zippered slot you can hide those in as well that will look empty to others. Sand in your phone can ruin the sound quality in a heartbeat so keep it in a Ziploc bag while at the beach. You can still use it through the bag and protect it from getting water or sand in it.

Thanks to Pinterest, there are so many great ideas every day to help make things easier. We love these uncomplicated beach tips that take away any stress that can be added to a fun beach day. Now all you have to do is add the beach!

Published on Tuesday, March 27, 2018