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Why Vacation on 30A?

The beaches on 30a

The Emerald Coast of Florida is popular for its breathtaking beaches. Its powder white sand will squeak when you walk across it and its emerald green waters are crystal clear. With five counties blessed to call these beaches home, why is 30a our favorite?

First and foremost, we love 30a beaches. While other Emerald Coast towns have the same beautiful white sand, 30A makes it come alive! Everything is centered around a beachy lifestyle. From Paddle Board shops to beach attire, from outdoor entertainment to restaurants with rooftop bars. It’s all about the beach and the view at each one of the beach towns that call 30A home! 

Speaking of beach towns, 30A is made up of a two-lane road that strolls along the coast as well as small beach towns each unique in their own way. Seaside is known for its whimsical, almost fairytale design. Whereas Rosemary is a new urbanist community with a West Indies vibe. The white walls, inner courtyards and towering palms of Alys Beach will remind you of the colonial capital of Central America. All diversified with the same breathtaking views of the beach!

A family friendly atmosphere is another reason we love 30A. No boisterous behavior at the beach just family and friends having fun in the sun. Everyone here is all about spending time outside. You can walk, jog and bike freely on paths along 30A. Coastal Dune Lakes are a great place to kayak and explore the outdoors.

Whether on these beautiful beaches or at one of these quaint beach towns everything is clean and pristine! 30A locals and merchants take pride in keeping everything as clean and as pure as our powder white sand. Reserve a 30a Vacation Rental and see for yourself why 30A is our favorite beach along the Emerald Coast! 

Published on Tuesday, September 11, 2018