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Watch Super Bowl together with These 5 Essentials

Super Bowl Party 1

In two weeks, we will watch two teams play their hearts out for the title of Superbowl Champ! You’ve waited a full season for this final showdown. A season full of hope and heartbreak. A season full of amazing plays and painful calls. Now it’s time for the big game and you know just how to celebrate it! Watch Super Bowl together on the beautiful beaches of 30A with these 5 essentials. 

#1 A Big Television or Projection Screen. You want your guests to feel like they are at the game. A good sound system so your able to hear the commentators and cheers from the fans will bring the game to life. Catching every play is imperative! Not to mention the performance from Maroon Five at the half time show and those hilarious Super Bowl commercials. 

#2 Comfortable and adequate seating. When you’re not jumping up to cheer for a touchdown, you and your guests will be attached to a seat for hours. Arrange furniture so everyone has a good view of the game. Bing bag chairs and big fluffy pillows are a great idea for extra seating. 

#3 Beer & Beverages. Football and beer go hand in hand. Having a variety of cold beer from local breweries such as Idyll Hounds, Grayton and Destin Brewery is a nice touch. A specialty drink named after the team your rooting for is always fun! Of course, it’s always a good idea to have a few non-alcoholic beverages on hand for those who don’t drink.  

#4 Football Food. Yes, it is a food group. Keep it simple! Go for a variety of foods that are easy to eat with your fingers like chicken wings, sandwiches, chips, veggies and dips. Bringing a dish that’s popular in the team’s town your cheering for is always a fun idea. Make sure to have PLENTY of food. Your guest will eat before, during and after the game so set up a banquet table to the side and let your guest graze throughout the night!  

#5 Football Spirit. It’s the Super Bowl! Your team might not be playing but you can still wear your favorite jersey in celebration of the game. Pick a team and cheer them to the finish. Don’t forget fun football décor!  

The Super Bowl is something football fans look forward to every year. Why not enjoy it on the beach! Watch Super Bowl with family and friends in a 30a Vacation Rental.  

Published on Tuesday, January 22, 2019