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A Mom’s Guide to South Walton

We know vacations can be a lot of work for moms. After planning and packing and traveling, everyone wants to relax. The Gulf Coast has welcomed families for many years, with people coming summer after summer to vacation. We put together some of our top tips for moms when visiting the coast to help make her load just a little lighter.

Get a Pool – There are lots of options for vacation rentals on 30A. Many homes are right on the beach or within walking distance. We recommend renting a home or condo that has a swimming pool. Kids can get beached out early in the day and become grouchy to leave. Go back to your rental and spend the rest of the day relaxing by the pool while the kids play. All the swimming will wear them out which leads to an early bedtime. 

Rent a Bike – Don’t let the kids stop you from taking a bike ride through Seaside and Alys Beach. The scenery is picturesque and a morning cruise is wonderful to clear your mind. Bike rentals are available at multiple locations where you can add a child seat or pull-behind cart. The kids will love riding along the beach road with the wind blowing their hair. 

See a Movie – We know you don’t visit the beach to see movies but sometimes you take the kids out and treat them. Grand Boulevard’s movie theatre hosts a Summer Kid Series that you catch every Thursday. Family-friendly movies play each week and admission is under $5 including a drink and popcorn. 

Splash Pads – Near the Boulevard 10 movie theater is an outdoor fountain area for kids to splash around. Beat the heat and let the children run through the fountains for the time of their lives. You can also find splash pads at Helen McCall Park and the Alys Beach Amphitheater. Leave the sand at the beach and the kids will have still have a blast. 

You can’t go wrong with spending the summer on beautiful 30A. Moms, Dads, and kids alike will all love their time spent here on the coast. Book your summer vacation today for your best summer yet!

Published on Saturday, July 13, 2019