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5 Tips to Finding the Perfect Property Manager for your 30A Vacation Rental

Choosing the right property manager plays a big part in the success of your investment. With so many property managers in the 30A area, how can you tell them apart, especially when they claim to offer the same services? Use these five tips to finding the perfect property manager for your 30A vacation rental.

#1 Pick the Professionals

You want a professional property manager who is on top of current laws and regulations. A company that is established, working in the industry for several years and has a proven record of successfully managing vacation rentals in the area. What to look for? Years in the business as well as the amount of vacation rentals they currently manage. For example, Benchmark Management/GRS Beach Rentals has over 30 plus years of successfully serving as a 30A vacation rental management company. They service multiple rental properties in over 13 beach communities along 30A.

#2 Make Sure They Have the Right Support Staff

It takes many different departments to staff a successful rental operation. Questions to consider… Does the company have multiple full-time reservationists? How many maintence people are on their staff?  Do they offer a full time, open to the public office for guests? Do they staff their warehouse to handle linen and supplies on an as needed basis?  Have they had years of outside vendor support? Most importantly, do they keep your rental deposits separate from their own operations account? A lot to think about. Be sure to ask Benchmark/Garrett Realty these questions. I think you will be happy with the answer.

#3 Check the References

References can be helpful in determining what type of relationship you can expect to have with the potential property management company. Ask for a current client list if available. Here are some important questions to ask. Does the property manager promptly respond to owner inquiries? Are they proactive when it comes to maintenance issues? Are they eager in filling vacancies? A thorough 30A Vacation Rental Property Management company will provide feedback from owners and guests on their website.

#4 Examine the Agreement

Examine the property management agreement which outlines the management team’s responsibilities. Read it carefully and confirm that it covers everything on your list. Generally, the agreement will cover services provided and fees. This will usually include resolving tenant needs and requests, maintenance of the property, marketing and filling vacancies and collecting rent as well as all other daily operational duties. Owner responsibilities will also be included in the agreement so if there are tasks you do not want to perform make sure this is discussed prior to signing. 

#5 Advertising Your Property

When choosing a vacation rental management company, confirm what type of media sources they use to promote your property as well as what their marketing budget is! Make sure the dollars they are investing to book your property are enough to drive traffic to your rental property display(s). Marketing equals rental money which will ultimately be distributed to you.

Owning a piece of property on the beautiful beaches of 30A is a treasure you want to safeguard. Choosing a vacation rental management company to guard this treasure and protect your interest is of most importance. Choose the best that 30A has to offer and enjoy life on the beach with no interruptions! 

Published on Monday, February 10, 2020