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Making Our Way Back to the Beaches of 30A

Family running on the beaches of 30A

What to expect

The beach towns of 30A are safely and successfully handling Phase 1 of reopening Florida. The beaches have reopened with reminders to practice social distancing as well as restaurants offering outdoor dining for groups of no more than 10 at 6-feet apart and indoor dining at 25% capacity. We cannot wait for Phase 2 and the thumbs up for inviting you back to our beautiful beaches once again! Here are some tips for when you return.

Family at a 30A Vacation Rental

Here are some tips for when you return

Having a hard time deciding whether to book a vacation rental or hotel? One of the biggest perks when staying in a vacation rental versus a hotel is instead of getting a room to yourself, you get an entire house! This often comes complete with a living room, bedroom, and a kitchen. It also saves on the budget in 3 ways:

    1. You can usually get better deals on a vacation rental especially if you are staying more then just a few days.
    2. You may decide to invite other family members to help offset the cost if the rental has multiple bedrooms.
    3. You will also save money and stay safe having a kitchen on hand. This will keep you from having to eat out for every meal


A days drive to 30A beaches

Wanting to plan a trip but unsure about rentals reopening?

Visit our cancellation policy page to put your mind at ease. With nonessential travel just opening, some might be hesitant to board a plane or ship. The comfort of your own vehicle, for now, is the best way to go. Beautiful 30A vacation rentals are just a day drive away from so many locations. Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Texas are just a few examples of states where you can hop in your car that morning and catch the sunset that evening. Not to mention the money that is saved with gas prices being so low.

Dinner Delivery on 30A

Restaurant openings and delivery options

Once you’ve made it to your 30A vacation rental sit back and relax on the beautiful beaches you’ve been dreaming about. Do not worry about hitting the grocery stores to fill your unit. All of them are delivering so you can sunbathe in your beach chair while ordering from your phone. Even though restaurants are open at a minimum capacity, many are still offering to-go and delivery options. The Wine Bar on 30A, Cuvee 30A, and Café Thirty-A are some of the many restaurants that will deliver right to your door. Most restaurants are offering curb-side delivery.

We are so looking forward to when we can welcome guests back to our beautiful beaches. Until then stay positive, stay safe, and stay informed. We are all in this together!