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Staying Safe on Your Beach Vacation

Person alone on 30A beach shore

The world is plugging along amid COVID-19 and many places are reopening. Here on the coast, beaches are back open after a month of being closed to the public. Some restaurants are opening at 25% capacity. Essential businesses are still open. We want to relieve as much of your stress as possible, so we wanted to give a few tips on how to stay safe when you finally get to take your beach vacation.

Follow the guidelines. The rules tend to change pretty often, but social distancing is still in effect. This is to protect everyone in order to flatten the curve. We are encouraged to keep 6 feet apart and be in groups of less than 10 people. After sheltering at home in isolation, that’s not so bad! These rules apply at the beach as well so you might want to get a good grasp on just how far 6 feet is before you head down and set up your chairs for the day.

Wash hands regularly. Many are wearing gloves, but it has been said that cross-contamination is common with glove use. You wear them into a grocery store but touch groceries, your face, your phone, and credit card. Washing your hands for 20 seconds is an effective way to kill bacteria and avoid spreading germs. Face masks are also encouraged as well as reminders to avoid shaking hands. Many stores are on short supply (if stocked at all) so it’s wise to travel with your own to ensure you’re properly protected.

If you want to get outside, but avoid crowds, you can always rent a bike and take a cruise down 30A or through Seaside. You’ll still get some exercise that will relieve stress. Plus, you’ll get some Vitamin D with the warm sun on your skin. Go explore neighborhoods of 30A vacation homes and get a change of scenery. Take note of restaurants offering to-go options and enjoy a delicious meal you didn’t have to cook yourself for a change.  Some fresh air can do wonders for your mood after staying indoors so much.

Our new circumstances involve many adjustments. Most of us don’t necessarily enjoy social distancing and are eager for things to get back to normal. If you decide to travel, these tips can help you and others stay in good health. We look forward to life going back to the way we are used to and can’t wait to see you all back at the beach!  



Published on Tuesday, May 12, 2020