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Beach Day Essentials and Tips for a Vacation on 30A

What you need on the beach

Your 30A beach vacation is booked. You can’t wait to spend the day at the beach. Powder white sand and emerald green waters are calling your name! You can soak up the 30A sun all day long with these beach day essentials and tips.

Essential: Sunblock is a must! A favorite is sunscreen in a spray bottle. It’s less messy and easy to apply evenly all over.

Tip: Apply sunblock before you put your swimsuit on. Swimsuits tend to shift when playing on the sand and in the water, so this will keep all skin protected. Make sure to bring sunscreen with you and reapply throughout the day.

Essential: The backpack beach chair is not only essential, it’s brilliant. Instead of a bag in one hand and a chair in the other, you’re combining both on your back. This will free up hands to hold onto little ones as you find your favorite spot on the beach.

Tips: Not all backpack beach chairs are created equal. Look for one with a durable steel aluminum frame and a large rear pouch. A favorite is one that adjusts to 5 positions for comfort, includes a cup holder, and easy rest pillow.

Essential: Beach towels are needed after taking a dip in the Gulf of Mexico. They also create a barrier between you and the sand. Not to mention the brightly colored designs give off that beach vibe!

Tips: Pack a beach towel as well as a large top sheet. The sheet is perfect to layout on, keeping sand from trickling in. Use the beach towel to dry off with. This saves you from packing multiple towels or having to dry off with one that is sandy.

Essentials: Cooler with bottled water and snacks. It’s important to stay hydrated especially when you’re spending the day in the sun. You’ll be surprised how playing in the water can build up an appetite. Instead of walking up to the beach bar or back to your Seagrove Beach vacation rental, you can just reach into your cooler.

Tips: To keep your cooler as cold as possible, bury it about halfway into the sand. The sand gets cooler the farther down you go. If you have an umbrella or tent keep the cooler underneath, if not, try limiting the amount of time the cooler stays open to keep hot air from getting in.

Now you’re ready for a day on the beach. Slip on your flip flops, grab your shades, oh, and don’t forget to include a waterproof pouch for your phone. Enjoy the beautiful beaches of 30A!

Published on Friday, June 4, 2021