Why Benchmark for Vacation Rental Management?

Here at Benchmark Management, we understand that as real estate investors you want a great return on your investment property without the inconvenience of having to manage and attend to it – and that is where we come in, bringing you a full-service, boutique management company, catering to luxury rentals for residential property owners along the Emerald Coast. While you aspire for a greater return on your investment – hassle free – here along the Gulf, we aim to effortlessly bring this to action through our expertise and personalized techniques of managing your property.

What We Do...

 Prepare Listing:


  • Write an engaging summary of property information including unique home and room details specific to your property
  • Organize professional photographs to be taken for listing pictures
  • Determine and prepare comparable and competitve rates for listing
  • Promote your home on our website, vacation listing websites and social media

Communicate with all renters, vacation rental sites, cleaners, and service providers in a professional manner.

Provide quick responses and essential information for all inquirires from potential future guests.

Collect all advance deposits from renters and distribute funds to owners, cleaning companies, service providers, and other contractors each month.

Manage, collect and remit sales and use taxes to the Florida Department of Revenue and Walton/Okaloosa County at the end of each month.

Create organized income statements for your property showing booking information, revenue and expenses, as well as provide a monthly and yearly owners statement for your personal records.

Utilize management software and mobile applications to efficienetly manage your home.  Provide an Owner's Portal to preview rental information at any time and provide direct access to our system.

Respond to all calls for maintenance by renters or owners with our own maintenance personnel.

Service homeowners and renters in all capacities. We take price in providing excellent customer service in all areas of the vacation rental business.

On-call services provided after hours daily and on weekends.

Benchmark Perks... 

Family Owned – We are locally owned and members of our family work hard each day taking care of guests and all of the properties we manage.  We pride ourselves on being a small enough company to know you well, and big enough to serve all your needs.

High Quality Cleaning Service and Employee Inspections – our cleaning companies care for your home as if they were their own. They have been carefully selected and are professionals in this business. Cleaning is their job; they care to do it right and to do it well. We have approved an in-depth checklist for all of our cleaners to follow and complete prior to all arrivals to assure all homes look pristine when a new group of renters arrives. Additionally, a Benchmark employee inspects your home before each arrival to guarantee a welcoming home for the next arrival. We do not rely on cleaning company inspections to affirm each property is clean – no check-in is approved until a member of our staff has seen the property.

Clean Linen Guarantee – at Benchmark, all linens are cleaned and turned prior to each guest or owner arrival. To help with this, we require participation in our linen pool.  Two full sets of linens and towels for your property will be purchased where one set will be prepped and ready for the first renters to arrive, and the second set will be stored to be used for the next arrival. The dirty linens are returned to us in a central location where they will be laundered and prepped for the next scheduled arrival.

Employee Maintenance Crew – we have a staff of highly competent maintenance employees who are always on call to service the needs of your home.  We understand the importance of preventive maintenance as well as the need to immediately respond to issues and requests of guests.  Their quick response, professional demeanor and ability to resolve a guest’s problem frequently wins them high praise in reviews.

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